About Us

Supported by a team of engineers who have invented, designed, tested and implemented the NoFoam technology in various locations over the last decade, we pride ourselves in being the leaders in the field.

Our management team has a background from leading business schools, including Stanford Graduate School of Business, and have formal training in international marketing and export of industrial equipment.

Our focus is on offering solid equipment that works; customization to the trucks and systems in place at our customers sites; and excellent customer service both during the equipment acquisition cycle, during the initial installation, as well as during the operator training period.

Kaare Holm, Co-founder of NoFoam System, is the proposer and original author of the new changes to the NFPA 412 standard. Learn more about Kaare, and the NoFoam Systems story, here.

About the NoFoam System:

The NoFoam System enables customers to test any AFFF foam system without using foam concentrate, which saves money and removes the issues associated with clean-up and disposal of foam solution after testing. The NoFoam System has the ability to test everything from ARFF trucks in airports, to entire fixed pipe foam suppression systems in aircraft hangars.

The test is performed without using any foam, and can save up to 95,000 litres or more of liquid foam solution per test. The NoFoam System is also suitable for larger industrial foam trucks, oil storage facilities and for any other fire protection system that primarily uses large amounts of foam concentrate to protect against a fuel fire.

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