What We Do

NoFoam Systems is a “green technology” company focused on providing proprietary equipment for regulatory compliance testing of fire fighting foam systems.

The proprietary technology is developed and validated by the US Navy, which has used it for the past decade for elimination of AFFF fire foam polution during mandatory testing of ARFF (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting) vehicles, fire trucks with on-board foam systems, and fixed foam systems installed in airport hangers.

The NoFoam System has already been installed successfully on over 100 ARFF vehicles all over the US, and with increasing interest from international markets the system is now being exported to Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

As further validation of the technology, the Australian DoD ordered NoFoam Systems to be installed in all their airports, after testing out the technology and validating the economic savings from eliminating clean-up costs.

The system consists of a trailer-mounted water supply and metering electronics, combined with a modification to the fire vehicle’s foam supply system, which allows the trailer to connect to the truck and measure the foam concentrate flow rates without expending actual foam concentrate during this test.

Above is a picture of the commercial model of the NoFoam Trailer.